15 July, 2023

Rozznet has recently released "Dead in Toronto" by Premature Ejaculation. A 1995 performance at the Music Gallery in Canada. This limited edition CD-R release of 50 copies was put out in memory of our co-founder Kevin Graves. Kevin had wanted to release Dead in Toronto and other Premature Ejaculation recordings in 1999 after Rozznet's initial release of "6". While a few prototypes are known to exist, an official Rozznet release didn't occur. After Kevin's passing, Casey Strain, the founder of the Rozz Williams Scholars Society, approached The Graves Family about a release in Kevin's memory. Having recently interviewed, Chuck Collison, he got his permission to help Rozznet in releasing this recording. He may potentially be working with Rozznet in the future on some further releases. But it is also known that Chuck is working with Nico B on an upcoming box set for Premature Ejaculation. You can pick up a copy of "Dead in Toronto" over Ebay.


26 February, 2023

Just a quick update! First, The Rozz Williams Scholar Society on YouTube has announced an upcoming interview with Chuck Collison. Chuck ran the Happiest Tapes On Earth label for several years, and released not only Premature Ejaculation, but also several other critcally acclaimed noise and electronic artists in the mid-to-late Eighties. Chuck was a primary contributor to Premature Ejaculation during this era, and contributed material for "Pig". Keep an eye on the channel for dates and information.

Discovered just last night...after being on Rozznet for more than a decade, an error I made when building the audio page, has been realized. The concert for Paris, La Sabale was not what was shared, and was not what was included on the cassette that was pictured. The audio that was shared was from Theatre Du Forum. The original bootleg cassette that was imaged, contained the audio from Les Bains Douches. To be clear, there are images of La Sabale, so it is a show from the '84 Tour, however, there's no known recording of this show. Though much of this tour was recorded by fans, this show is not known to exist, along with a handful of other shows from the tour. So, my theory, and I'm sticking to it... my mistake in coding Rozznet a hunndred years ago resulted in a "La Sabale" show traded via torrent, file sharing, and physical tape traders. I would propose, if you obtained your "La Sabale" show in the past 10-ish years, compare it to Theatre Du Forum, or Les Bains Douches and see if it doesn't match up. What can I do but apologize to anyone who gave up a precious item, or paid money to someone to obtain this show. If, a huge if - I should ever have La Sabale cross my desk, I will feed it to RWSS or here so everyone can have it for free.

I wish all of you the best!

22 February, 2022

RozzNet is (nearly) 25 Years Old! And it's been nearly 5 Years since anyone updated the mechanics of these pages. Sadly, today is not the day, and I am not the person. I may pop in to make some corrections to information, and delete the code that has been mutilated over the decade since I left, but the future of Rozznet's overall design will be a reflection of someone else's creativity.

With that said, there are number of things out there that I may as well share, for that one person that still looks to Rozznet to be the news source for all things Rozz. Ever see that Carol Burnett sketch where she is Harvey Korman's mistress, and he assures he, that he is going to leave his wife and marry her? That is probably a good indicator of how this has been going for you.

Let's get into some releases, in no particular order.
'Every King A Bastard Son' was released by Cleopatra Records in late 2021. Originally released in 1992 on compact disc, this is the first time it is available on vinyl. Packaged in a gatefold cover, with both original and interpretive album art, and pressed on either red or blue vinyl. These are limited pressings, likely to be pressed in limited pressings when the original limited pressings run out. I will call this the "Boy Harsher" effect, but let's be serious, Cleopatra won that race long before the members of Boy Harsher were even conceived.
It is available here: Every King A Bastard Son LP

Next up, was the much delayed debut of 'Dream For The Dying' on vinyl; thanks Adele! Also from our friends at Cleopatra Records; perhaps an homage to the original album. Packaged in a gatefold (reasons?) and pressed on a gorgeous black/purple splatter. You will get most of the songs you remember from this classic album, and a surprise that I will leave you to research on your own. You're welcome!
It is available here: Dreams For The Dying LP

While we are on board the Cleopatra Records express, let's move straight on to 'Rozz Williams - In His Own Words - Christian Death and Beyond'. Are you a fan of the Exocet font? Great! Painstakingly researched, and deeply insightful; Dave Thompson, world-respected and critically acclaimed music author, has constructed a comprehensive look into the world that was Rozz Williams. Rife with interviews, photographs, and personal recollections, this is a great resource for both new and exhausted fans of Rozz Williams. I don't know what happened to the gigography here, but that's why you have us at Rozznet, right? Setting the record straight... every half-decade or so. Did I mention it comes with a 7-Inch record in red or clear? I didn't? I wonder why?
It is available here: Rozz Williams - In His Own Words

I hope you like reading! Because there's another book?! I know. Years of deserted island, waiting for a messgae in the bottle, Cleopatra giving us reclaimed water to keep us alive, and then it's a Gilligan's Island made for TV movie with tons of special guest stars (Morgan Fairchild... probably). So, Nico B./Cult Epics (I assume) and renowned punk photographer, Edward Colver, have partnered to present a wealth of images taken between 1981-1982 of Rozz Williams and Christian Death. There are the images we are all familiar with, the ones adorning 'Only Theatre Of Pain' and seen, plagiarized all over the internet, and with this compendium, a deeper look at those photo sessions with never before seen images of the band. If you are spending the money in your Rozz swear jar on only one thing, probably should be this. And as a bonus, you can add another copy of 'Only Theatre Of Pain' AND 'Deathwish' to your collection, as special versions of the hard cover will offer the book, and a double vinyl. You can even obtain copies signed by the band (probably not Rozz), or a copy signed by Ed Colver. Available in soft cover as well if price is a consideration. There will be a website to accompany this release, with an extensive biography, and I think a revised and comprehensive gig list. If there's no gig list, you can count on your family at Rozznet to update you. James Coleman has been kind enough to share a link with us, thank you! Order here: Christian Death by Edward Colver at Headline Records

Lastly and most importantly! Gitane Demone Quartet along with a whole host of familiar and new friends have recently released 'Retrospekt'. Beautifully filmed, and captured by Sam Hare, this live performance is an avant-garde and artistic journey into the exploration of Sun Ra's, "Retrospekt" at Cafe Nela. Everything Gitane puts her spirit into, returns love and light, and when she surrounds herself with talent, improvisation, and creative thinkers - the journey is unforgettable.
Check out the full video here: Retrospekt at YouTube

That's really it for now and who knows how long? You may notice some corrections to the bio and/or performances, that's just some maintenance. Until the bug bites again, much love to you all!
Ron Marrs (Haloe - for the oldskoolers).

27 November 2017

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27 November 2017

RozzNet is 20 Years Old! We have a few different new images done by some wonderful artists to commemorate our 20th Anniversary. Our new intro image was designed by the extremely wicked artist GRIS GRIMLY! We have limited edition Posters, Vinyl Stickers, Enamel Pins, Buttons, Prayer Candles, and Post Cards available with this design, and with other designs as well. These items are available here, or you can email us directly.

23 November 2016


From Dark Vinyl: There are a lot of known variables to the members of the GITANE DEMONE QUARTET. The precision-punk chording of RIKK AGNEW (Adolescents / Christian Death / Social Distortion). The dexterous textured and sophisticated keyboard sounds of Paul Roessler (The Screamers / 45 Grave / Nina Hagen Band). The nimble and persuasive percussion electronics of DEB VENOM (Aunty Trust). And at the fore, the voice like no other, the darkly compelling and poetic wailing of GITANE DEMONE (Christian Death / The Crystelles). Together they generate a unique sound seething with vitality and rich in imagination that far outreaches the sum of it's parts. Flirting with the most aggressive and surreal elements of each of their past projects, the GITANE DEMONE QUARTET stirs a violent cauldron that splashes out far beyond the parameters of any genre expected of them.
They HAUNT. They ROCK. They LOVE.
Buy Here!

24 September 2016

Nico B. is planning to release a HARDCOVER edition of THE ART OF ROZZ WILLIAMS. This book has long been out of print, and the previous publisher has no intentions for it's reissue. Nico, therefore has started an INDIEGOGO campaign to fund the reissue. There are many options for you to choose from to secure your copy today! Get yours!.

23 April 2014

PREMATURE EJACULATION - DEATH CULTURES to be re-released on May 9, 2014 by Italian Label Looney-Tick Productions.

DEATH CULTURES was originally released in 1987 by Happiest Tapes On Earth. This release has been re-mastered, will have different cover art and will come in a high quality digipak on professional CDR in a very limited 100 copies.

Also, check out a new review of SLEEPING DOGS on Heathen Harvest.
19 April 2014

Record Store Day is here and there is a NEW Limited EDWARD COLVER edition Christian Death 7 inch!

Frontier Records is releasing this two track on white vinyl as one of their offerings for Record Store Day !
This 7 inch gate-fold single features never-before-seen photos of Rozz Williams and the band taken by the legendary Edward Colver.
Limited edition of 2,500 includes a stunning poster.
These are sure to go fast, so make sure to visit your local participating brick and mortar record shop!

27 January 2014

Happy New Year from all of us at! A lot happened over the last year! Here is a refresher in case anyone missed it!

Lethal Amounts put on a large scale Rozz Williams Exhibit the whole month of April. This was the largest collection of friends, family and fans ever presented to the public. They also offered some very limited edition prints and shirts for the event. The items included a poster/shirt combo by fellow musician Ignacio "Iggy Vamp" Segovia and a never before published silkscreen of Rozz from the Only Theatre of Pain days by legendary photographer Edward Colver. Hopefully some of you were able to grab up some of these rare items.

Frontier Records also came back on the scene almost two years after the Anniversary rematered version of Only Theatre of Pain with cassette issues. Yes for all you nostalgic folks, cassette tapes! The issue offers 4 different colors; silver, gold, black & white and the parchment variation. You can grab these rather cheap from Frontier Records along with a second pressing of the vinyl Anniversary issue on White wax!

Nico B. has been rather busy this year as well. In April he released the follow up to PIG, 1334. A fictional story based on the last few hours of Rozz Williams. They film was released as a double feature set (PIG & 1334) throught his company Cult Epics. More recently his company put out a series of live recordings called "Sleeping Dogs". This release is available in a iTunes edition, very limited double vinyl release and a CD release in November of this past year.

Gitane DeMone has started up a new website this summer as well as a new release! Head on over to her site to check it out. Ryan Wildstar has also been busy putting together his latest release available on his site for digital download.

24 December 2013

A lot has transpired over the course of the last two years. We want to send well wishes to Ron Marrs, he has left RozzNet to spend more time with his family. RozzNet is currently working on a major project to be announced in April. Gitane has a new album out on iTunes, visit her site for more information. Last month saw the European release of "Sleeping Dogs". Put out by Nico B and Cult Epics, Sleeping Dogs takes bootlegs some of us may have all ready heard and gives them a nice remaster for Rozz's 50th birthday. Simply look it up on Ebay and Amazon to find it!

14 APRIL 2011

By now you've either seen or heard about the remastered, reissued release of "Only Theatre Of Pain" on Frontier Records. This will be the most sought after version of OTOP since the Japanese pressing on King Records. Initial copies of the lp will be on violet wax, and a very limited number will include a bonus 7-inch featuring two unreleased tracks: "Cavity: First Communion (Alternative Version)" / "The Lord's Prayer". The compact disc version will include "Deathwish". Also, pre-orders will receive a limited edition poster promoting the release. Orders begin shipping on 10 May, so pre-order your copy soon, here: Frontier Records. In an age of high-priced vinyl, this is an amazing deal for under $20, please do not miss out. Please note: as of right now, only the vinyl versions including the bonus seven-inch are limited in quantity, as well as the posters.

Here's the official statement from Frontier Records: "The founding fathers of American goth-rock, CHRISTIAN DEATH released their debut, Only Theatre of Pain, on Frontier Records in March 1982, and that landmark album has had an enormous influence on goth, death-rock, dark-wave, metal and even industrial music scenes all over the world, shaping the approach of more bands than can be counted. Led by vocalist and founder Rozz Williams, the CHRISTIAN DEATH of Only Theatre of Pain included guitarist Rikk Agnew, fresh out of The ADOLESCENTS, bassist James McGearty, drummer George Belanger and backing vocals from SUPERHEROINES leader (and Rozz's future wife), Eva O. as well as performance artist Ron Athey. It was this line-up, with its dirgy, effects-laden guitar riffs and ambient horror-soundtrack synths, that crystalized the ominous post-punk sound that has established this album as the ultimate archetype of goth sensibility. Genre touchstones include "Romeo's Distress," "Spiritual Cramp" and "Mysterium Iniquitatis." This reissue features Rozz Williams's original hand-drawn art and calligraphy, and an additional period photo by Ed Colver, all set against a parchment-like background. Frontier has digitally remastered the audio for both the LP and CD, the latter containing the Deathwish EP as a bonus. The first pressing of the LP, itself on violet-colored vinyl, will include a black-vinyl 7" single in a white paper sleeve featuring two unreleased tracks: "Cavity - First Communion (alternative version)" and "The Lord's Prayer."

13 MARCH 2011

April 2011 will see the release of Caustic Zombies by Dagger Vision Films and will feature the music of Premature Ejaculation from the release of "6". The film is currently in post-production. It was shot in Pennsylvania, and the story is built around the disaster that occured at Three Mile Island. It's currently unclear how or if the current nuclear emergency in Japan will affect the release of the movie. More information is available here: Caustic Zombies at Wikipedia.

"6" has officially been released by Malaise Music. The source material for 6 was provided by John Collins and was remastered and repackaged for this series. Painstaking efforts were made to recreate the intended graphics for this release and Scottie has done an absolutely amazing job. "6" was previously released by in 2001 in extremely limited quantities.

An effort is being made to provide the original unaltered images for the current Malaise Music, Rozz Williams: The Lost Recordings series. Because much of the imagery that adorned the original artwork is banned in some European countries (i.e. swastikas), many of the covers have been made safe to sell, ship, and own. Many fans have requested the original covers, so Rozznet is in talks with Malaise Music to provide those to fans as a free download. More details coming soon.

Lastly - updates to Rozznet have stalled. This will begin to correct itself now that more pressing projects are beginning to be cleared from my plate. As many have noticed, the front entrance page has changed. I would like to note that the message that adorned the front page remains.


'Necessary Discomforts: an Artistic tribute to Rozz Williams' from Nov 12th thru the 14th at Hyaena Gallery in Burbank, CA. With a very special reception on the 13th from 8pm to 11pm with many special guests! Featuring artwork by Rozz Williams and those he inspired: Ryan Wildstar (EXP, The Whorse’s Mouth), Jill Emery (The Asexuals, Shadow Project, The Decadent, Super Heroines), Doriandra (EXP), Ace Farren Ford (EXP), and Paris Sadonis (Shadow Project, EXP, The Whorse's Mouth), Lorin Morgan-Richards, Michele Witchipoo, Jeremy Cross, David Richardson, Nicolas Caesar, Frankie Babylon, Gina N. Turcios, Mike Textbeak. Nico B will have his new film 1334 available (a second part to his film PIG, which focuses on Rozz's last days), Steve Darrow (Asexuals, The Decadent, Super Heroines) will be displaying a cruficix made by Rozz (he held on the back cover of Only Theatre of Pain album) and some other rare early items.'


Le théâtre des douleurs (And What About The Bells) by Sébastien Michaud was released by publisher, Camion Blanc on 18 October 2010. First, the good news: Despite being in the works and rumored for nearly a decade, this body of work has finally come to light and is available. Along with an exhaustive and detailed biography, are a collection of unpublished poems and writings by Rozz Williams that have been collected and compiled by Ryan Wildstar and translated into French by Lydie Barbarian. The book is rounded out by a complete discography, and gigography - painstakingly pieced together by Anton Desmazeau, John Collins and Scottie - as well as users on The Land Of Rozz forum. Alltogether, Le théâtre des douleurs (And What About The Bells) is a staggering 444 pages.

Now the bad: The book is available through Camion Blanc's website for 38 Euro, or $53 + shipping. also has the item listed for around $50 + shipping. Unfortunately, much of the contents of the book are in French, and an English version (though rumored), would likely be a year away at best. Consider that it's a French book about Rozz - many American publishers would be looking for some sort of demand on a large scale to facilitate a desire to spend the money to publish it not only in English but in America. That, or philanthropists that are also Rozz fans (not too many of those?!) Because of these limitations, the book is a must have. Though it does not appear to be limited in nature - my recommendation is not to wait.

Official Press Release: With more than 60 black & white pictures and original documents, as well as many exclusive interviews, "Le Théâtre des douleurs" goes back over the whole career of Rozz Williams, from Christian Death to Shadow Project, including Premature Ejaculation and his other solo projects. In the second part of the book: nearly 70 texts and unreleased poems by Rozz Williams, compiled and published in their original version under the title "And What About the Bells?" by his former collaborator Ryan Wildstar, and translated for the first time in French by the Franco-British journalist Lydie Barbarian.

27 JULY 2010

The performance list has finally been amended to match the extensive research John Collins and Scottie has done for the forthcoming book by Ryan Wildstar. Next up is a discography revision and then onto the unouched sections from there.

3 MAY 2010

Rozz Williams: The Lost Recordings has begun it's roll-out to fans. A website has been built to offer more information about the series as well as each release. This series has been painstakingly compiled by John Collins after the purchase of a series of tapes that contained some of Rozz Williams' unreleased recordings of Premature Ejaculation, Heltir and additional noise projects. The intention of the sale of these "lost recordings" was to put them in the hands of a Rozz fan that was most likely to help them see the light of day. Through conversations with Ron Marrs, it was discovered that he possessed an additional 8 cassettes of the same nature. The idea of for a series of releases to capture this time capsule of Rozz's body of work took shape, and an graphic artist as well as a sound engineer offered their services to recreate the original artwork and remaster all of the original material. Chuck Collison and Erik Freeman were approached and they offered their blessings for the releases to go forward. Dark Vinyl, a long-standing supporter of Rozz's noise-projects came on board to exclusively distribute the series. There has never been such a comprehensive compiling of Rozz's material, and never such time, energy and cooperation of talent to bring these recordings to fans. The series is not limited; there is no reason to ever pay criminal amounts of money on eBay for these recordings any longer. These will be of far superior quality than anything available to date. There is no money to be made on these recordings either: cost to manufacture and distribute are precisely reflected in the price to sell. The motivation driving this series is to benefit the fan: the fan who paid $50 on eBay to get a dodgy copy of a copy of some Happiest Place On Earth release that probably was incomplete and full of 'unwanted' noise; to benefit the fans who can't find all the recordings they know exist but because they were so limited, has little chance of ever finding one; and finally for the fan who appreciates Rozz's noise projects and the diversity they offer and wants the remastered, first-time-ever on cd releases.

For more information:
Malaise Music
Dark Vinyl / Going Underground
Rozz Williams: The Lost Recordings YouTube